Sunday, 6 August 2017

Annual group meeting and new group photo

On Wednesday 2nd August we had our 2nd annual group meeting. We enjoyed an afternoon of excellent presentations and discussions as well as some chocolate cookies to sustain us. We also took the opportunity to update our group photo.
After rehydrating parched throats with a quick drink at the local pub, we headed to town where we had a great dinner at Iberico World Tapas over continued (less scientific) discussions.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Wellcome to Monika Myślińska

Monika Myślińska joined the Zelzer group for a summer project in which she will work with NCA polymers in the context of high throughput screening. Monika currently studies Pharmacy at the Medical University of Warsaw and will be with us for 6 weeks to gain some lab experience in polymer and material science.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

RSC Materials Chemistry conference – ACC Liverpool 10th to 13th July

Anne presented her PhD work on ‘Synthesis of enzyme responsive surfaces- towards a smart cell-material interface’ at the 13th International Conference of Materials Chemistry. The conference was organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry who awarded Anne with a travel grant to attend. She presented her work on the progress she has made throughout her PhD on developing more biomimetic interfaces by modifying surfaces with peptides using N-Carboxy anhydride ring opening polymerisation which are able to interact with native cell enzymes. This was an excellent opportunity to present and discuss her research with experts in the field and fellow peers.
There was an excellent variety of stimulating talks in the fields of biomaterials, nanomaterials, optical materials and energy and environment. The organisers provided many opportunities to socialise with other attendees including walking tours of Liverpool and the conference dinner at the famous Anfield football stadium.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Best oral presentation prize for Maria

Congratulations to Maria Angelerou who won the best oral presentation prize at the School of Pharmacy annual conference on the 4th July. This years conference was organised and hosted by the Division of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies and had some great external speakers, including Prof Sheila MacNeil, Dr Caroline Curtin and Dr Paul Roach.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

‘Give yourself the edge’ Science careers fair

Representing the Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies Pharmacy division Anne and Maria from Mischa’s group alongside Theresa Marshall delivered interactive workshops at the ‘give yourself the edge’ event. The event was held in Nottingham at the HarveyHadden Sports Village on the 21st June. The annual event was organised by ‘Futures’ who provide career advice and training to young people and had representatives from the key priority sectors in Nottingham.

Our workshop represented Life sciences and was delivered to 8 school groups of up to 30 students aged 11-12 years old. They were amazed by the 3D printer we brought along and it’s potential role in bioscience. We had printed model livers, skulls, vertebrae and just for fun some turtles, Minecraft objects and dinosaurs for the students to see. They particularly enjoyed getting messy making alginate based jelly worms with Maria, an example of a biomaterial we make in the lab.

It was a fulfilling day (albeit tiring!) and hopefully we inspired some young learners in their career paths.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Zelzer group at Wonder 2017

This month, the University of Nottingham hosted a university wide outreach event, Wonder 2017,  presenting a wide range of exciting science activities to highlight the research taking place at the university. As part of the stand from the Division of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies, members of the Zelzer group participated in the event by showing visitors how alginate gels are made and how Raman spectroscopy can be used to distinguish different polymers. We also helped out in an activity that explained targeted drug delivery and the spread of viruses and bacteria through sneezing. Bin, Anne, Rebeca, Emanuele and Mischa enjoyed the day, even if it felt more tiring than a day in the lab at the end.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Chayanin Pratoomsoot visits the group on a Newton Fund Project

Today we welcome Dr. Chayanin Pratoomsoot, a colleague from Naresuan University, Thailand, to the group. Chayanin was successful in attracting a Newton Fund Researcher Links Travel Grant to visit the Zelzer group for 6 months. She will work on a project that will explore the effects of Thai herbal extracts for the treatment of xerosis cutis, combining Thai traditional medicine with advanced analytical approaches available at the University of Nottingham.