Mischa Zelzer Wins UKSAF Vickerman Prize

At the UK Surface Analysis Forum (UKSAF) January Meeting, Group leader Mischa Zelzer was awarded the inaugural Vickerman Prize for 2013.

This award is presented to researchers whose work is anticipated to have a major impact in the field of surface analysis. It is intended as a recognition of high quality independent research at an early career stage

The award is named after John Vickerman, the founding Chairman of the SIMS Users Group, in recognition of his pioneering work in SIMS and his leading role in UK surface and interface science.

In his early career, Mischa Zelzer has made substantial contributions to the development and characterisation of surfaces based on biological building blocks to advance the study of biomaterial interfaces. He has developed low cost methods to monitor the different stages of solid phase peptide synthesis on a surface which are now applied routinely. He has further employed surface analytical tools (ToF-SIMS) to investigate the interaction of peptide surfaces with biological entities such as enzymes.

In this award Mischa's contribution to the future of surface and interfacial studies is acknowledged.