Fabio Simoes presents for The Zelzer Group at NMAET SSBII Joint Conference

Fabio Simoes gave a presentation titled 'Control of peptide surface density through the application of polymers with precise chemical composition' at the joint meeting of Nano-Molecular Analysis for Emerging Technologies VI (NMAET VI) and Surface Science of Biologically Improtant Interfaces 15 (SSBII 15).

Fabio’s talk showcased his work on developing novel materials that contain a well-defined number of biomolecules (peptides). These materials are essential to to understand and develop advanced sensors for biomedical applications as they improve quantitative measurements of the amount of small biomoleucles (peptides) on surfaces.

The meeting was hosted at NPL (The National Physical Laboratory) from the 25th - 27th November, comprising an excellent variety of presentations from internationally leading scientists in the area of biomolecular surface measurements.