Sebastiaan presents at SIMS Europe 2016

Sebastiaan attended SIMS Europe 2016 which took place in Münster, Germany, from September 18 to 20, 2016. The SIMS Europe conferences alternate with the biennial International SIMS Conferences and is attended by an increasing number of participants, exceeding 250 in the past years. It covers the complete breadth of development and applications in SIMS and strongly covers the trend towards imaging applications of SIMS.

Sebastiaan gave an oral presentation titled ‘3D ToF-SIMS Imaging of Primary Cell Cultures’ in which he showcased aspects of his PhD work, notably the development of data analysis tools for large 3D ToF-SIMS images and preparation protocols for ToF-SIMS analysis that preserve the cell morphology. His talk was well received and allowed him to start building a reputation outside of his current institutional network as well as establish new collaborations.

The Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund of the Royal Society of Chemistry supported Sebastiaan's trip with a travel grant.