‘Give yourself the edge’ Science careers fair

Representing the Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies Pharmacy division Anne and Maria from Mischa’s group alongside Theresa Marshall delivered interactive workshops at the ‘give yourself the edge’ event. The event was held in Nottingham at the HarveyHadden Sports Village on the 21st June. The annual event was organised by ‘Futures’ who provide career advice and training to young people and had representatives from the key priority sectors in Nottingham.

Our workshop represented Life sciences and was delivered to 8 school groups of up to 30 students aged 11-12 years old. They were amazed by the 3D printer we brought along and it’s potential role in bioscience. We had printed model livers, skulls, vertebrae and just for fun some turtles, Minecraft objects and dinosaurs for the students to see. They particularly enjoyed getting messy making alginate based jelly worms with Maria, an example of a biomaterial we make in the lab.

It was a fulfilling day (albeit tiring!) and hopefully we inspired some young learners in their career paths.