RSC Materials Chemistry conference – ACC Liverpool 10th to 13th July

Anne presented her PhD work on ‘Synthesis of enzyme responsive surfaces- towards a smart cell-material interface’ at the 13th International Conference of Materials Chemistry. The conference was organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry who awarded Anne with a travel grant to attend. She presented her work on the progress she has made throughout her PhD on developing more biomimetic interfaces by modifying surfaces with peptides using N-Carboxy anhydride ring opening polymerisation which are able to interact with native cell enzymes. This was an excellent opportunity to present and discuss her research with experts in the field and fellow peers.
There was an excellent variety of stimulating talks in the fields of biomaterials, nanomaterials, optical materials and energy and environment. The organisers provided many opportunities to socialise with other attendees including walking tours of Liverpool and the conference dinner at the famous Anfield football stadium.