New Members and Alumni News

A warm welcome to Hajar Alghamdi who is pursuing her PhD. Congratulations to Oran Maguire who was successful in applying and being accepted for a Neutron Scattering Course at ISIS.

Congratulations to Rachael Xerri who won the best poster prize at SCI: Formulation forum and who has now joined BioNTech.

We are also saying goodbye to Rebeca Obenza Otero who has completed her PhD and been successful in applying and being awarded a prestigious EPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow.

Congratulations also to Emanuele Russo who has obtained his PhD and is now a senior scientist at MedinCell, France.

Another successful PhD graduate is Irene Henning who has joined BBSCRC as a skills and innovation manager.


Image shows the Millenium Park at the University of Nottingham - by Matt Buck